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In the effort to deal with the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), the possibility of counting people and limiting the percentage of people in a place is considered of great importance. Organizations and agencies across the country are leveraging smart video surveillance to create rule-based alerts.
The People Counting System is the ideal equipment for restaurants, cafes, diagnostic centers, clinics, pharmacies, supermarkets, mini markets, shops, malls, hairdressers, beauty salons and generally wherever several people enter, where the goal is to avoid overcrowding.
Counting people is done using an electronic device, to count the number of people passing through a particular passage or entrance. Our company is a leader in this technology, having developed and constantly evolving Inhouse all the required software and electronics that are required.
With high return on investment (ROI) and very fast payback time, our meters are used by large companies, diagnostic centers, shopping malls, public institutions and organizations. The information provided by CountMe is used at all levels of business, from planning activities to defining the overall strategy.

How it works

With a People Counting System we can easily know the number of customers in a store, saving resources and time.
With the implementation of the government directive according to which for each customer in a store there are 10 square meters, a metering system is mandatory.
CountMe consists of three components:
• wireless door counters,
• data gateway for collecting data from door counters and
• reporting software that displays meter data in various reports
The visitor counting system is placed at the entrance of the store and counts all the people entering and leaving the specific area. It can cover up to 16 doors and record in addition to the exact number of people, the time and date, and even how many people went through each entrance. This data is collected and is available at any time. Every entrepreneur is given the opportunity to be informed at any time how many customers have visited him, as well as how many customers can still enter the site, even if he is on or off work. Even from the mobile there is the possibility to control the movement of the store at any time.
Our company offers solutions to every business with the best possible result.

Why is CountMe counter the best?

● Highly accurate – better than 99%
● Anonymous counting – privacy protected
● Simple installation and configuration
● Indoor and outdoor options
● Advanced statistics in real time
● Multiple sensors with a single Gateway
● Very economical compared to similar systems

CountMe is the basis for a range of high-tech solutions, including retail detail, queue management and space utilization applications. To make effective business decisions, you need detailed statistics and that is what meters provide.

Accurate and reliable measurements allow you to:
● Calculate the conversion ratio of your store
● Compare the performance of the online store
● Calculate your patterns
● Optimize the layout of the building and your staffing level
● Improve your customer service
● Avoid fines
And the most important
● Avoid transmitting the virus